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My Life Coach, Mentor, Encourager, GIANT SLAYER partner- What else can or add to this -with what I say on paper with words is not adequate.

I started this journey (I must call it a journey) with reservations- only because to be willing to open up and actually face me, myself and I – I alone, was something I was not looking forward to. When you (as a person) have been around the same tree over 1000 x’s times its time to do something different.

In doing something different, I reach out, made an appointment -called and came and was totally inwardly revived. Revived because inside was a silent scream that could not be heard nor would I let it. Revived because inwardly stagnation was governing and now the wheels and movement of progress begin to turn. Revived because what was silent was now becoming a roaring lion.

I have heard people talk of seeing a counselor, going to a life coach, pursuing a mentor??? My thoughts were for What? Why? What a waste of time to go and spill your heart out for what???? I can talk to my mom- my sister- my aunt- my BFF. Well, now I know this IS NOT THE SAME in BOLD CAPS!!!

After several sessions the trajectory of my life begin to evolve: my self-esteem begin to take on a whole new sense of appearance, my confidence became and is stronger, my outlook on life and my business has changed, deep within side I knew I could do it but for me it was HOW!!! You equipped me with the HOW TO! WHEN TO!!! And WHEN NOT TO!!! You provided another perspective on life itself. You offered tools that I was equipped with but for whatever reason I needed the permission (because of pass childhood rearing- which is not considered good or bad) I needed that “It’s Okay” that approval.

Now I am apart of the GIANT SLAYER family…I have SLAYed the Giant of Fear- In Love. I have Slayed the Giant of that 8 year old girl that faced the unforeseen that would dictate her future until now, I have Slayed the Giant of Doubt and Unbelief; my voice will be heard. I am the one to be reckoned with NOW!!!

Like I mentioned writing this on paper is not adequate and I can continue but for now just know-

From my Heart, I Thank you and Truly Appreciate the work we put in together and hope that others would stop and take time to become a GIANT SLAYER….IJS
Current Client
My reason for reaching out to Melia and Giant Slayer Consulting was for assistance moving forward with something I had been trying to do for the last year and a half. I was stuck and wanted some guidance on how to proceed. I knew there was a huge giant blocking my path called ‘fear’ and I wanted it gone.

After the initial consultation with Melia I realized that I was about to go on a journey that would not only release me to move forward in business and ministry but in every area of my life.

I appreciate that Melia uses multiple tools and resources to tap into the deepest part of you. That part that doesn’t want to let go of you and sometimes you don’t want to or don’t know how to let go of it.

Have you been stuck like me but now you’re ready to let go of EVERYTHING that has been holding you back? I encourage you to reach out to Giant Slayer Consulting. I’m just getting started and Melia has helped me recognize that I have been doing some of the things I thought I was afraid or incapable of doing. I can’t wait for my next session.
Wanda Davis
Current Client