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Get to know our founder

Melia Arnett-Archie

Is a business woman, keynote speaker, author and over comer, wife and mother. Melia has dedicated her life to helping others face the giants that have hindered their ability to live successful, significant and purposeful lives.

Melia travels the world sharing her powerful testimony of overcoming the impacts of poverty, abuse and addiction. Rising from seemingly insurmountable circumstances, Melia uses her poignant stories of triumph to motivate and inspire the hopeless.

From homelessness to leading a global practice for a multi-billion dollar corporation, partnering with her husband, Adrian, to launch an all natural pet food store and more, Melia has walked the walk and is now committed to providing tools and resources to help others Slay.

Oxford dictionary defines Giant as an imaginary creature like a man but extremely strong, and usually very cruel. At every stage of her journey Melia was confronted with giants but after reading this definition Melia realized the giants she faced were nothing more than strong, cruel imaginary bullies that were meant to keep her from pursing purpose and maintaining peace.

Born out a weekly prayer ministry, Giant Slayer Consulting, LLC, offers a wide range of services to help you identify and overcome your giants. From action planning to execution, Giant Slayer Consulting is here to make sure you have everything you need to make your dream a reality.

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